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Student Arts

Call for Entries

The California County Superintendents Arts Initiative is seeking arts education products to share at the upcoming 2024 CISC Leadership Symposium. Student arts serve as an inspiration and connection for the educational leaders who will be attending the symposium! Please share this “Call for Entries” to submit student arts products with arts educators and teachers in your county, district, and schools. 

Deadline December 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PST

Dance Performances

Drawing and Painting

Instrumental Music

Media Arts

Mixed Media




Theater Performances

Vocal Music



We are asking for digital submissions of creative student products. Submissions can be in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theater, Visual Art, or any other creative practice.

All student entries must be original or adhere to copyright or license requirements for arts education.

Submission Information
  • The teacher's name, all participating student's names, county, district, and school site must be included in the submissions

  • A signed media release must accompany submissions for all participating students 

  • All works must be titled and accompanied by a brief description or artist statement

  • Teachers may submit more than one entry


  • Only high resolution (300 dpi) digital image files in .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF format are accepted

  • For musical, dance, or theatrical performances, upload a video file not to exceed two minutes in length

  • Highlight videos cannot exceed two minutes 

The following are suggestions, not requirements: 
  • Select and share the most dynamic and engaging parts of a performance in an edited video format.

  • Prepare the "brief description of the work or artist statement" in advance in a separate text document. When you are ready to submit, cut and paste the statement into the submission form.

Items will not be returned and will be displayed in various formats throughout the conference center (for example, on digital screens, printed, etc) during the symposium.

Student Arts

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