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PLI Topic: Universal Design for Learning – we need to add this to the wheel 


Session Title: UDL Beyond the Basics: A Certification and Implementation Tool for Educators 

Facilitators: Elisa Torres-Barton, Melissa Sanjeh, Bill Wimp, and Shamryn Coyle

Session Description: The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) School Implementation and Certification Criteria (UDL-SICC) defines high-quality, schoolwide, UDL implementation. Like UDL, the criteria are data-driven, support continuous improvement, and provide multiple pathways for schools to progress through the stages of implementation. The UDL-SICC is a robust tool for guiding decisions and supporting ongoing schoolwide growth, whether your team is just getting started or has experienced many years of successful UDL implementation. In this universally designed session participants will have the opportunity to explore CAST’s UDL- School Implementation and Certification Criteria (UDL-SICC), to help move your UDL implementation beyond the basics and into long term systemic change that supports access, equity, and inclusion for all learners!

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