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PLI Topic: Social Emotional Learning  


Session Title: Social-Emotional Learning as a Recipe and Not an Ingredient 

Facilitator(s): Clay Cook, PhD., Chief Development Officer at Character Strong 

Session Description: There has been an uptick in social, emotional, and behavioral needs among students since the pandemic. Educators are looking for solutions and have turned to social-emotional learning (SEL) as a potential one. However, SEL is often viewed narrowly from the lens of curriculum adoption and not from a more holistic view.  A more holistic view of SEL encompasses (a) supportive environments that are safe, predictable, inclusive, and proactive, (b) healthy relationships that cultivate belonging, (c) high quality teaching and learning of social and emotional competencies, and (d) student empowerment through voice, choice, and cultivating a sense of purpose. In this PLI workshop, attendees will learn about specific ingredients of an SEL recipe (environment, relationships, teaching & learning, and empowerment) as well as low-burden high impact practices associated with each ingredient.  

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