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California County Superintendents
1121 L Street, Suite 510
Sacramento, CA

(916) 446-3095

California County Superintendents is committed to protecting the privacy of our website’s visitors. This policy will describe to you exactly how the information you provide to us will be used. As we do not make any direct sales on this website, you do not need to worry about submitting any payment information. However, your name, email address, physical address, employment information, page views and other personal information may be collected as you make use of the website.

If you willingly provide with your email address, we will send you periodic electronic updates about current events at California County Superintendents. If at any point you would like to opt out of these e-mails, please let us know by emailing, and we will happily take you off our mailing list.

If you provide us your personal information for the purposes of registering for an event, we might use it to send you a confirmation that the registration has gone through. We also reserve the right to use that information to follow up with you in the event of a time or location change, or if the event for which you’ve registered is cancelled or rescheduled. If you provide us your personal information through the “Help” form, we will use that information solely for the purposes of responding to your inquiry.

Google Analytics
Like most websites, tracks the location, domain name, referral information and browser type of its visitors. We use Google Analytics to do so. This is purely for the purpose of aggregating visitor information so we can better tailor the website to meet the needs of our visitors.  At no point does Google Analytics display your name or address, nor will California County Superintendents ever sell the information or use it for profit.

A cookie is a small piece of data that the websites you access send to the device that you are using to access the internet. That data is stored on your device to make for faster and easier browsing. Our website will use such information to ensure that it does not have to reintroduce itself to your devices every time you visit. We also use cookies to enable the “remember me” function on the sign in page. This function is exclusive to only members of the California County Superintendents website.

Links to External Sites
Throughout the pages of, you will find links to several external websites, such as state agencies and news outlets. We are not responsible for, nor can we track, how those external sites handle your personal information. Please do not hesitate to contact the California County Superintendents office at, or at (916) 446-3095 if you have any questions about our privacy policy.

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