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PLI Topic: Multilingual Pathways 

Session: Designing Multilingual Pathways 

Facilitator:  Alma Castro, Ed.D., Director of the Multilingual California Project 


Session Description: The Multilingual California Project (MCAP) is made possible through the CA EWIG EL Roadmap Implementation Grant. MCAP supports the design of multilingual instructional programs state-wide and assists alignment and coherence efforts for the California English Learner Roadmap Policy (ELR). Participants will learn about best practices to recognize and cultivate biliteracy in the context of California’s developing language policies. The various pathways to biliteracy will be explored by examining existing programs and ideating on implementation, refinement and expanding of best practices. Examples of best practices will include successful implementation of the state seal of biliteracy, and well-articulated recognitions for student participation in biliteracy programs, home language development and biliteracy attainment. 

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