2020 CISC Symposium

The Curriculum & Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) of the California County Superintendent’s Educational Services Association (CCSESA) is excited to be hosting the 29th Annual CISC Leadership Symposium February 19-21, 2020 in Monterey, California. This annual conference is a major educational event for Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Directors of Curriculum & Instruction, and others who work to support curricular innovation in schools.

The 2020 Conference Theme is, “Our Vision, Their Future, See the Possibilities” and will focus on supporting leaders in developing systems that result in a coherent, equitable educational environment. The Conference strands are:

Strengthening leadership by creating equitable systems that support data driven decision making. Meeting the needs of all learners through vision setting, cultural & linguistic responsiveness, inclusion and social emotional learning. Working in partnership to provide high quality instruction for students with more specialized learning needs; moving toward a universal system.

Engaging in a reflective model that includes data, stakeholders and a variety of methodologies to improve outcomes. Introducing, modeling, and sustaining a growth mindset around a process of improvement. Supporting a system of coaching and mentoring.

Listening to student voices; empowering problem solvers and decision makers. Creating environments that are highly engaging, adaptable, technologically advanced and reflective. Supporting leaders to expand the vision of future ready classrooms and schools.

Questions about submitted session applications may contact Stacy Shasky at sshasky@mcoe.org or at (209) 381-6629.

View the CISC Symposium 2020 schedule & directory.